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On behalf of EVG group we are pleased to announce the World Global Women in Leadership Summit 2024 . This is a time to come together and explore some of the complex issues that women in leadership roles are facing. Despite modest gains in representation in leadership and workplaces transitioning towards inclusivity, with conversations changing from mere issues to actionable solutions, there are still vast numbers of challenges that lie ahead. Women still face workplace biases, stereotypes, and are underrepresented in top leadership positions.

This year‘s theme is Breaking Barriers: Women Redefining Leadership highlighting the idea of breaking through societal and professional barriers. The focus is on how women are redefining leadership norms and making significant contributions in their various fields against all odds. You’ll immerse yourself in valuable insights from pioneering women who’ve battled odds, broken barriers, and glass ceilings. Women from cross-industrial fields will share not just the highs but the lows, challenges, success stories, and lessons in their unique path of leadership.

It’s time to step into power, define your purpose, and cultivate resilience. It’s time to amplify your voices and create an environment where men can also actively get involved, listen to the concerns and challenges faced by women in leadership roles, and work collaboratively towards shared goals. We can also collectively uplift one another and build a supportive network of allies and collaborators.

Join us in this 2-day interactive event of knowledge sharing, networking, experimentation, reflection, and be a beacon of change.

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Why should YOU attend

Networking Excellence

Connect with a diverse community of global experts, pioneers and top female industry leaders to foster valuable business connection.

Empowering Women's Voices

Amplify the impact of women’s leadership by participating in a forum dedicated to providing a platform for their voices. 

Collaboration opportunities

Identify potential collaborative opportunities with like-
minded professionals, fostering a collaborative ecosystem that nurtures idea exchange and partnerships.

Professional development

Engage in workshops, interactive sessions and panel discussion led by industry experts providing opportunities for skill development and knowledge enhancement

Innovation Showcase

Explore a diverse range of innovative products, solutions and technologies showcased by leading organizations and startups.

Key topics

„Fostering a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion“

„The Agile C-suite: A new approach to modern Leadership“

„Breaking through glass ceiling by Addressing and overcoming barriers and unconscious bias“

„Intersection of Allyship and partnership - Men and Women“

„Mindful leadership - Leading with empathy and compassion“

„Mentorship and Sponsorship: Identifying mentors, sponsors and advocates to support career growth“

  • CEOs
  • Presidents and Vice Presidents
  • Members of the Board of Directors
  • Managing Directors
  • Senior Managers
  • Partners
  • Government Officials
  • Directors
  • Chief Officers
  • Head of Departments
  • Managers
  • Aspiring Women leaders
This is not an exhaustive list, and professionals from other relevant fields or industries who are interested in exploring key topics of this event are also encouraged to attend the summit.


Hilton Orlando

Orlando, Florida, USA

Where Luxury and Legacy Unite.

Nestled across 26 acres near major theme parks and International Drive, this distinguished hotel promises a perfect fusion of luxury and accessibility. Boasting over 1,400 rooms and suites adorned in tranquil decor, Hilton Orlando provides a serene retreat after engaging in enriching leadership discussions and exploring nearby attractions. The PURE™ Wellness accommodations, with almost 99.9% allergen-free spaces, ensure a rejuvenating stay for discerning guests.

Savor diverse culinary delights at seven distinctive restaurants, ranging from fine-dining at Trabucco to laid-back moments at Tropics Pool Bar & Grill. Indulge in 24-hour gourmet offerings at Scratch Market and enjoy craft cocktails with a view at Bar Tela. With over 249,000 square feet of versatile event space, Hilton Orlando provides an ideal backdrop for the Women Global Leadership Summit. Smart design, indoor/outdoor spaces, and an expert team ensure the success of your event. Elevate the leadership experience at Hilton Orlando, where sophistication seamlessly meets comfort

Hilton Orlando
6001 Destination Parkway
Orlando FL 32819 USA

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Pre event activity




In-Person Participation

1799 $ 1499
Access to the 2 days event [presentation, breakout session & interactive panel discussion]
On-demand Access to Speakers presentation
Access to a full Delegate list
Networking Activities
Lunches, coffee and beverages
Access to event Apps / Mobile Apps
Online Documentation for internal trainings
Pre-event activity [optional]

In-Person Participation

1700 $ 1400
Access to the 2 days event [presentation, breakout session & interactive panel discussion]
On-demand Access to Speakers presentation
Access to a full Delegate list
Networking Activities
Lunches, coffee and beverages
Access to event Apps / Mobile Apps
Online Documentation for internal trainings
Pre-event activity [optional]

Exclusive Sponsorship Package

4000 $ 3500
Exhibition Space
Networking Activity
Regular delegate Package
Sponsor‘s hand out will be included on conference material set
Sponsor‘s logo displayed on Agenda for visibility
Sponsors logo would be displayed on website.

Empowerment Under the Orlando Sun

Nestled in the heart of Florida, Orlando radiates an inviting warmth that perfectly complements the ambitions of the World Global Women in Leadership Summit 2024. The city’s perpetual sunshine mirrors the optimism and resilience of women leaders worldwide, creating an atmosphere where empowerment flourishes. Orlando’s diverse and inclusive community, combined with its penchant for innovation, provides a dynamic canvas for the summit, fostering an environment where groundbreaking ideas can take root and thrive.

Orlando is a city rich in symbolic landmarks, offering a diverse array of experiences. Lake Eola Park’s swan boats represent unity and diversity, while the vibrant murals in the Mills 50 District showcase artistic expression and inclusivity. As the sun sets, the Orlando Eye, a modern observation wheel, mirrors the city’s forward-thinking spirit. Explore these iconic symbols, each weaving a unique narrative that aligns with the essence of the Summit.

From the enchanting allure of world-famous theme parks to the trendy neighborhoods brimming with creativity, Orlando offers a captivating blend of adventure and sophistication. This vibrant energy extends to the summit, promising attendees an unforgettable experience beyond the conference rooms. The city’s magnetic charm, paired with its commitment to diversity and progress, ensures that the World Global Women in Leadership Summit 2024 will not only be intellectually enriching but also a source of inspiration for women leaders charting the course for the future.

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