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6th Annual Global Operational Excellence & Business Transformation Summit

12th – 14th April 2023

Berlin, Germany


EVG Group is pleased to present to you “6th Annual Global Business Transformation and Operational Excellence Summit” scheduled on April 12th -14th, 2023 in Berlin.
As Businesses poised for recovery and growth in 2023, it has never been so critical for transformation executives to take a leadership role in mastering the new ways of working. The pace of change is spinning faster than ever, rule books torn and redrawn, new trend and technologies surfacing.

It is essential to sharpen your tool kits and gain insights on new norm of business and transformational Excellence, As the world catches up, and emerge from the pandemic, getting back to real life for most businesses is very crucial.
This summit brings together the best and brightest individuals & industry leaders from across key sectors to engage, network, benchmark and discuss the key challenges and future trends within Operational Excellence, Lean, Six Sigma and Agile and its application & impact on Business Transformation, Innovation Execution, Agility, Customer Experience, Value Creation, Strategy and the very important challenges surrounding Leadership & Cultural Transformation.

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Key topics

„Embracing Transformation in your organization, the road to a successful change and agility“

„Excellence and innovation Acceleration unleashing the power of great people in your organization“

„The wheel of sustainability-Engaging and Empowering teams to ensure solutions live on“

„Advancing digital transformation with process Mining“

„Business Transformation merging with New Technologies in 2022“

„Creating and sustaining cultural change by focusing on Operational excellence“

  • Operational, Process, Innovation Excellence
  • Process Optimization and Process Management
  • Quality and Strategy Execution
  • Change Management
  • Six Sigma and Lean Professionals
  • Agile Coach
  • Business Improvement and Business Transformation
  • Innovation Leaders
  • Business and Process Architect & Engineering
  • Digital Transformation
  • Technology Innovation
  • Manufacturing Excellence Managers & Directors
  • General Mangers
  • Heads of Departments
  • Business Development Managers & Directors

This is not an exhaustive list, and professionals from other relevant fields or industries who are interested in exploring key topics of this event are also encouraged to attend the summit.

Event Highlights


Dorint Kurfürstendamm

Berlin, Germany


BMW Plant Tour Berlin

BMW Motorradwerk, Berlin, Germany

6th Annual Global Operational Excellence and Business Transformation Summit took place at the prestigious Dorint Kurfürstendamm Hotel, providing a conducive environment for knowledge sharing and networking.

The conference was filled with captivating topics and thought-provoking discussions. Renowned industry experts and leaders came together to explore various aspects of operational excellence and business transformation. Participants were immersed in insightful panel discussions, breakout sessions, and interactive workshops, making it an engaging and enriching experience.

In addition to the conference, we arranged a pre-event activity at the BMW Plant. Attendees had the unique opportunity to witness firsthand the operational excellence practices implemented by BMW, gaining valuable insights into their manufacturing processes and techniques.

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